Structure & Versioning of the Standards


Common and Interface-Specific Standards

It is distinguished whether some standards can be reused and are valid across mutiple interfaces (which would be stored in the common space/main page that you are looking at) or only for their own respective interface (which would be stored in the respective space of their interface linked on the left, e.g. for CRVS-specific in CRVS with SP-MIS Standards)

For instance, a name may be defined always in the same manner for multiple different workstreams which would classify it for common, whereas a Person could be slightly defined differently depending on the use case (Payment, CRVS, Social Registry, etc.) hence it would fall under interface-specific standards and be stored there.

Three Parts - Process, Data, API

Each standard is split up into three main parts:


The overall standards are versioned directly in the GitBook via the naming of the space. Hence CRVS v1.0 would be the first version of the CRVS with SP-MIS Standards.

The versioning of the API's is explained in the Design Principles section.

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