Common Assumptions

Since different countries have different social protection systems and stages of development, it is important to be aware of the assumptions that have been made.

Structurally, a distinction has been made between Common Assumptions and SP-MIS-specific Assumptions.

Common Assumptions

Assumption LabelAssumption Description


All described systems are fully functional and operational within the specified context.



All systems maintain data quality through robust data validation and verification mechanisms, including data cleansing, error detection and correction, and consistent data entry and storage practices.


The legal requirements are established to enable the sharing of data between the different systems involved.


Adequate data security measures are in place to safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of individual records shared between the systems.


Data-sharing protocols and mechanisms are established between all considered systems to facilitate a seamless exchange of information.

SP-MIS-specific Assumptions

Assumption LabelAssumption Description


The eligibility decision lies with the SP-MIS, based on the information received from the respective system and the respective law or policies in place.

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