DO.COM.06 GeoShape

The spdci:GeoShape object represents complex geographical features

...enables the representation of complex geographical features and areas in a structured, machine-readable format, useful in various applications that require spatial awareness and precise geographical data.

Property KeyData Type (and Restrictions)CardinalityDescription



Defines a rectangular area on a map via two geographical points: the lower and upper corners.



Specifies a circular region with a defined radius, centered at a given latitude and longitude. Expressed as a pair followed by a radius in meters.



Indicates the elevation of a location (WGS 84).



Represents a point-to-point path defined by two or more points, expressed as a series of point objects separated by space.



Encloses an area with a point-to-point path, where the starting and ending points are identical. Expressed as a series of four or more space-delimited points, with the first and final points being identical.

Example of Use

    "@context": {
        "spdci": "",
        "rdfs": "",
        "xsd": ""
    "@id": "spdci:GeoShape_1",
    "@type": "spdci:GeoShape",
    "box": "33.3128,44.3615 33.5138,44.5535",
    "circle": "33.3128,44.3615 2000",
    "elevation": "34 m",
    "line": "33.3128,44.3615 33.5138,44.5535",
    "polygon": "33.3128,44.3615 33.5138,44.5535 33.4128,44.4515 33.3128,44.3615"

In this example, the spdci:geo_shape instance describes various geometrical shapes on a map, illustrating a box, a circle, a line, and a polygon, each defined with its respective properties. The elevation property indicates the height above sea level, represented here in meters.

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